Tremont Sample Request

Not sure which nail is right for you? Chose which one's your considering and we will send a samples of each selection to you.


If one of the items are out of stock we will substiute a similar size nail of the same type. One sample request per order..


We also sell sample boards with a brief history of nail making with a version of each nail, check them out in our Nail Accessories & Specialty Items.  


From $0.25

To $5.90

Tremont Sample Request
Tremont Sample Request
Customize Tremont Sample Request
Boat Nail Sample
Common Nail Sample
Common Rosehead Sample
Common Siding Sample
Fire Door Clinch Sample
Fine Finish Sample
Headless Brad Sample
Flooring Sample
Sheathing Sample
Slating Sample
Clinch-Rosehead Sample
Hinge Nail Sample
Brad Sample
Clout Sample
Box Nail Sample
Decorative Wrought Head Sample
Foundry Nail Sample
Shingle Sample
Masonry Sample
Cut Spike Sample

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Tremont Sample Request
Tremont Sample Request

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